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F1 in Schools is an international competition involving over 20 million students from 17,000 schools in more than 40 different nations participating to create the world’s fastest F1 car. Besides creating a car, students need to be able to plan, design, present and work together as a team to complete various other different tasks such as designing logos, contacting sponsors, creating portfolios, brochures and presentations.

This year, the international phase of the competition will take place in Singapore, on 7th - 14th September.

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Team Malaxa

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Our Team

We are a team made up of five passionate students from Romania. Each member of this team has their own mission - Design, Technology, Marketing and Finance. When we put them together, we create what we are today. We create Malaxa.

We have learnt to work together and discover a lot of new things that taught us that without teamwork, there is no team. The British School of Bucharest F1 in schools team is here and we are determined to give our best for the 2018 F1 in schools world final.


Emilia Barbu Team & Marketing Manager
Emilia Barbu

As a team manager, F1 in Schools has shaped me into becoming the person I am today. With almost four years of experience and perseverance, the destination I have planned out for so long is finally becoming real. Singapore, the Grand Final, and the destination of this journey is before my team now. There are countless reasons for my contribution in a competition like this – yet they’re all linked behind experience. Leadership implied integrity, creativity and vision, which I’ve developed involuntarily over this time period.

In my opinion, F1 is more than designing a car and racing it over a 20-metre track. It’s about committing to a task, using everyone’s talents to their full potential and building trust between my teammates and me. I’m proud to be coordinating such a dedicated team and this challenge is more than a competition in itself, but a lifestyle where I mature into a better me and a better future self.

Lara Tiru Graphic Design & Marketing Manager
Lara Tiru

Working as Malaxa’s Graphic Designer has definitely benefited me in more ways than I would’ve imagined. Since joining the team, I’ve picked up on new skills and as my job ranges from projects such as flyers and banners to logos, presentations and merchandise, the main softwares I’ve learned to use include Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. These programs have definitely sparked my creativity and I’m glad I have the opportunity to so something I enjoy in such a project.

Throughout my two-year year journey, I realised that being a Graphic Designer takes lots of time and dedication and is much harder than it seems. But in the end, it’s worth it to see the pleased smiles on my teammates’ faces when a new idea is presented and I’m very excited to see what the future has in store for Malaxa.

Andrei Ostahie Financial Executive
Andrei Ostahie

When I joined F1 in Schools I saw it as an opportunity for a new, exciting challenge –something completely different from what we were used to doing in school. I was also inspired to make this step outside my comfort zone as I had already heard about this project before. During this time, I couldn’t help but wonder: is this really as great as it sounds? I’ve learned that, yes, it is truly is.

After almost two years of being part of F1 in Schools, I can confidently say that the skills I’ve gained have made me believe it was a great decision to participate in the first place. I got a lot better at working in a team and using my personal skills together with those of my teammates to benefit the collective. I now also see the efficiency of working together with others, rather than keeping my tasks on an individual level. In addition, it is becoming a lot more comfortable for me to talk in front of groups of people, audiences, even strangers due to the many presentations and meetings we’ve had as a team. By being part of this innovative project, I hope I can help inspire young, talented people in Romania to participate in this competition in the future as it would help them take advantage of their potential and help them develop important life skills.

Pavel Bulgac Manufacturing Engineer
Pavel Bulgac

I joined F1 in Schools three years ago because it was a new concept that I’d never heard of, available in a school for a student like me. At the time, I was very interested in cars – how they were designed and the process of the manufacturing.Yet now, I work as an engineer for Romania’s team representative and I can say that this is no longer something that I cannot understand, but rather, it’s my job to design, manufacture and test a car that I will be racing against many other teams.

The great thing about F1 in Schools is that it involves many skills that we’ll need in the future and in the real world. The competition gives us an insight on how the automotive industry works, how competitive it is and how as a team we can accomplish what we’ve set out to do. The experience I’ve had to this point has been far beyond what I’d thought it would be. The challenge in Singapore lies ahead - and I’m determined to do what it takes to create a car Romania would be proud of.

David Serban Manufacturing Engineer
David Serban

From the beginning, I was interested in learning how to use various softwares like CAD – and realising F1 in Schools was an option provided by my school, I signed up immediately. I believe it is a good chance for me to improve my ability to work in a team as it is a project that requires you to learn new things amongst other people and diversify your field of expertise. The main aim I believe our team has is spreading the awareness of a technologically advanced Romania. Many young people choose to move abroad for work because they think there are few opportunities presented in our country, yet Malaxa can change this view. As the first school that has ever participated in such an event, we challenge this motion and we are willing to prove there is hope.

After participating in the Grand Final, our objective will still be set and we wish to inspire other schools to participate with us in the future.


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Sponsors & Mentors

Malaxa knows that the progression made throughout the competition would not have been possible without the help we had from our sponsors: helping us in every way possible to take us to Singapore and compete against other teams from around the world.

We give immense thanks to all the companies involved in this journey with us.

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Contact Us

If you would be interested in sponsoring us or have any other questions, feel free to contact us.